A tour of the historical centre of Sofia

Free Sofia Tour organized a special tour of the historical centre of Sofia for the unaccompanied minors accommodated in the Safety zones in RRC – Sofia, Voenna Rampa and RRC – Sofia, Ovcha Kupel.

In the presence of IOM social workers and a cultural mediator, as well as a SAR representative, the children visited the most important landmarks in the historical centre of the capital. Free Sofia Tour provided the services of a professional guide, who told the children about the history of the city from ancient to modern times.

The tour started at the church “Sveta Nedelya”, went through the ancient Roman ruins and reached the Square of Tolerance, which mightily impressed the children. In the same spot in the centre of the city coexist an Eastern Orthodox Church, a Muslim mosque, a Jewish synagogue and a Catholic cathedral. In this so-called Square of Tolerance, Bulgarians practice their religion without fear and with respect to the others’ faith.

Later, the Free Sofia Tour guide showed the children how to dance the traditional Bulgarian “horo” dance, which isn’t that different from the traditional dances of their own peoples back home. The guide also gave them a short lesson on making martenitsas. The tour continued through the biggest landmarks in Sofia and ended at the “St. Alexander Nevsky” cathedral which was for a long time the biggest Eastern Orthodox church in the world. The tour finished with a questionnaire about the places they visited during the event.

Special thanks to Free Sofia Tour!