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An exciting meeting of migrants in Burgas with the way of life and traditions of the region

On the 28th of February 2020, IOM’s Information Center in Burgas conducted a session with 31 migrants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, legally staying in Bulgaria, at the Ethnographic Museum, followed by an exhibit on the topic “Migrant inspirations”. The painters Tatyana Serdyuk from Ukraine, Alla Stoyanova-Karoleva from Russia and Anna Ikonen from Kazakhstan presented their own works in the art gallery “Atelier R”.

Rossitsa Topalova, chief manager of the “Ethnography” department with the Regional History Museum, showcased the way of life and traditions of Bulgarians in the region. She also told the migrants about customs such as Nestinarstvo (known in Greece as Anastenaria), Kukeri, Laduvane, Lazaruvane and showed them Bulgarian traditional costumes from all ethnographic groups in the country.

During the event, the migrants had the opportunity to watch two documentaries – “Nestinari” and “Kukeri”, which showcased a part of the traditional culture and way of life of Bulgarians.

The opening of the exhibit proved the migrant inspiration and the fact that talent knows no borders. The people, who have chosen the Black Sea city as their new home, are bearers of a potential for development, which is important for the host society as well.

The event was realized in the framework of project "Training and Counselling of Legal Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Beneficiaries of International Protection" funded by the National Program of Bulgaria under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020.